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Regularized round timber


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Product description

Sizes and types of regularized round timber

  • Type:


  • Wood:

    Spruce / pine

  • Sizes:

    Diameter: 60-200 mm / Length: 1,500-3,600 mm

  • Quality:


We offer following regularized round timber:



Quality I-III of spruce and pine regularized round timber

  • 1.Type of wood – spruce and pine.
  • 2.Plank humidity – over 20%.
  • 3.Blue color – not allowed.
  • 4.Black color – not allowed.
  • 5.Red color – not allowed.
  • 6.Limbs – allowed, any.
  • 7.Dead limbs – allowed, any.
  • 8.Bark – not allowed.
  • 9.Wane – allowed from one side of four, but not more than 20% of length.
  • 10.Quantity of planks with wane is less then 10% of batch.
  • 11.Insect damage – not allowed.
  • 12.Finishing – allowed.
  • 13.Transportation – 25-33 m3 per truck.

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Description and parameters


Diameter of 60 to 140 mm. They are used as support poles for fences, for manufacturing of fence boards, retaining walls, for various landscape design solutions/zoning, construction of flower beds, and tying of newly planted trees. They can serve as a raw material for the manufacture of small architectural forms - pergolas, sheds, terraces, wells, playgrounds, booths, swings, etc. End finish: chamfer, end face, pointing.

Cylinder wood (poles) are logs, which have been cylindered on special machines with ends on one side cut at rectangle or with chamfered poles on the other side.

  • Блок-хауз

    Cylindrical wood is widely used for the manufacture of fences, fences, playgrounds, pergolas, sandpits, garden furniture, wells and many other products, including the decoration and landscape design.

For production we use only fresh-sawed solid pine and spruce wood.

The pointing at the cylinder pole is performed in the same way as at the debarked pole. At the cylinder pole’s not point end, the chamfer is removed at 45 degrees angle that is equal to 10% of pole diameter.

Unlike a debarked pole, the diameter of a rounded one does not change along its length due to the runoff of a tree trunk and does not have the oval cross-section that is usual for a tree trunk. All poles made with the same setting of the circular machine have the same nominal diameter.

For production we use only fresh-sawed solid pine and spruce wood.

EcoLifeWood produces rounded poles, stakes and crossbars of pine and spruce for the manufacture of fences, barriers, garden wooden products, and playgrounds. End finish: chamfer, end face, pointing.

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