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Product description

Sizes and types of lining

  • Type:

    Fresh / dry / planed

  • Wood:

    Spruce / pine / alder / aspen / birch

  • Sizes:

    Strength: 20-40 mm / Width: 60-160 mm / Length: 400-6,000 mm

  • Quality:

    A, AB, B, C

Description and parameters


Lining is one of the most popular form of lumber. It is used for interior and exterior finish of buildings for various purposes. Its name is connected with the fact that initially smooth planks of small thickness with the profile adapted for tongue and groove joints were used for covering railway wagon lines.

However, thanks to its ease of installation, durability and aesthetic appearance, its scope of application has been significantly expanded, and nowadays the finish is often used in construction and repair work.

  • Блок-хауз

    Here you can buy a lining made of spruce or pine wood. It is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The planks have a beautiful natural texture along their entire length, so you can avoid additional painting. As coniferous wood contains a lot of resin, the pine and spruce lining is resistant to rotting and moisture, so it is well suited for exterior cladding.

However, it is better to use finish of spruce lining when building a sauna, because pine can emit a lot of resin at higher temperatures and humidity. Linden and other hardwood linings are less frequently used in construction and are limited in their use - they are only suitable for indoor use.

We offer lining for saunas that is good for finishing residential and commercial premises. You can choose the type of material that is best suited to your project. Installation of the lining does not take much time and requires minimal surface preparation, so it is well suited for situations where the construction needs to be completed in a short time.

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