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Product description

Sizes and types of blockhouse

  • Type:

    Fresh / dry / planed

  • Wood:

    Spruce / pine

  • Sizes:

    Strength: 20-40 mm / Width: 100-160 mm / Length: 400-6,000 mm

  • Quality:

    A, AB, B, C

Description and parameters


The blockhouse is a finishing material made from natural wood, which combines ease of installation and aesthetic appearance. Blockhouse panels are similar to lining, but are usually made more massive and wide. Their characteristic feature is the rounded outer edge. Thanks to this, the blockhouse finish allows you to create the illusion of a wall made of rounded logs, but with much less effort. Therefore, this material is often used for interior and exterior decoration of prefab houses and log cabins. The ends of planks have grooves and ledges, which allow mounting in the tongue and groove system greatly simplifying the installation.

  • Блок-хауз

    Here you can buy a blockhouse made of wood of different species. The most common variants are pine and spruce. Larch panels are less in use. The width of the blockhouse may also vary. Wider boards are recommended for exterior finish to reduce assembly time. For interior decoration, the narrower ones will be suitable, as they will have a smaller semicircular ledge, which is important if you have to save space.

You can buy a blockhouse for finishing the buildings made of different materials. Of course, most often it is used to make a prefab house or a log house similar to a log cabin, but there are construction solutions that are also suitable for other materials. Sometimes a blockhouse is used to tile the brick or AAC houses if the owners want to give the building a more natural look using wood in the interior decoration.

The price of a blockhouse is very attractive. You can order lumber with different parameters depending on the requirements of your project.

We ensure the timely delivery of the blockhouse and other lumber in the volumes you need, no matter where you are located within the EU.

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